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My Name is AJ and I am a Self Taught Jewellery designer specialising in Beads,

I never thought I was creative until i went into a bead shop in the City centre and my heart started pumping wildly, it was like falling in love all over again.

I had no money on me that day but I went back in the following morning with €20 and like a child I asked the shop assistant to help me, I explained that I found the shop the day before and I had to have some beads.

She was so helpful, I got some what i know now to be seed beads in lots of stunning colours, some wire, some clasps, a few ear wires and eyepins,

I was like a child nearly skipping home.

Now once I was home I didn’t know what to do with the supplies, so I went looking on the internet and found a site where I signed up for a free 12 week course via email.

signed up straight away and my first email arrived in minutes.

with a beating heart, I opened it and it was like a Pandora’s box, so much colour, so much detail, so much fun.

what can I say. I was flying and by week 3 of the emails I had already sold a pair of earrings, what a feeling that was.

That was Nov 2010, By Jan 2011 I wanted to take it further and push myself, by this time I was buying beads and supplies every chance I got.

My Husband asked me what did I want to call Myself and I came up with Ajewell and said, because I’m a jewel . I got help from my brother who set up the website, and showed me how to use it, I still have the same website today. My Sister set me up with Facebook and through that I have had many sales and have met thousands of lovely potential customers, I am very active on these fronts, and as my designs are always changing, you have to be on top of your game.

I then choose my business cards and for the design I went for classic, black/silver and I’ve kept to this, as it get quiet a lot of good feedback.

I now have a lot of customers who are repeat customers who come back time and time again just because they know the jewellery they buy is designed with such love and care each and every time, and more importantly that what they buy is a ONE OFF PIECE.